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Seegene launches localized website in Germany

Dec 04, 2017

As a means of fortifying support for its German subsidiary (Seegene Germany GmbH), which is located in Dusseldorf, Seegene launched its German-language website on November 27, 2017. By adding the finishing touches to its online sales environments, thereby increasing accessibility and convenience for German customers, Seegene is accelerating its entry into the German medical device market.

By conveying information about Seegene’s anchor products in German, the German website is expected to not only enhance customers’ understanding of Seegene products but also play a significant role in providing more accurate and comprehensive information to German-speaking customers.

Seegene Germany GmbH President Dr. Lothar Kruska said, “The operation of a website in the local language will turn the website into a catalyst that increases the accessibility and awareness of new local clientele regarding Seegene products, eventually leading to increased sales. We will actively utilize the German website to promote the excellent quality of Seegene’s unparalleled high multiplex real-time PCR-based products and engage in promotional activities that are tailored to the German environment.”

With the addition of this new language, Seegene’s website now can be accessed in Korean, English, Arabic and German through a single domain ( Seegene plans to continue increasing the number of languages offered by its website to appeal to a wider global audience.

The German-language website is currently available for general viewing (