Seegene Inc

Aired on Innovations, a TV program in the U.S.A.

Jan 29, 2018

Seegene was introduced as an innovative healthcare industry-leading company, specializing in molecular diagnostics with its world-class simultaneous multiplex genetic testing technology in Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. on U.S. Fox Business channel on January 27th, 2018. Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. is an educational program that explores latest industrial developments in all areas including health, medicine, IT, software, energy, environment, and more. The program introduces the activities and influence of companies that pursue continuous innovations of various cutting-edge industrial technologies and, shared the interviews of the U.S.-based customers of these companies.

Dr. Glen Hansen, a microbiologist and molecular diagnostics specialist of Hennepin County Medical Center in the U.S.A., explained, "The demand of multiplex testing in the areas of infectious diseases and genetic diseases is consistently increasing. Seegene's unique multiplex technology enables identification of various pathogens with a single test so that etiologies can be discovered accurately in a short time, and optimal treatment methods can be determined."

Also, Drew Burch, the vice president of the strategic business development of Thermo Fisher Scientific which has a strategic partnership with Seegene for a joint promotion of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval on reagents and equipment of molecular diagnostics, said, "Combining the latest molecular diagnostics instrument of Thermo Fisher with the innovative multiplex reagent technology of Seegene allows the development of the unique molecular diagnostic products to yield faster and more accurate results. This achievement will enable us to provide high quality healthcare services that are differentiated from the preexisting products," and expected mutual growth by cooperating with Seegene.

Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO of Seegene said, "Since its foundation, the company's focus has always been the advancement of multiplex reagent technology development and the promotion of molecular diagnostics with the ultimate goal of establishing an affordable molecular diagnostic testing environment for everyone." He also shared his ambition by saying, "Seegene will be the leading company that promotes universal health through our one-platform solution and digitalized development system which enables testing of various menus such as infectious diseases and genetic diseases on a single instrument platform.”