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Allplex™ HPV HR Detection

Advanced HPV test solution
for cervical cancer screening

Unique HPV Assay Suitable
for Cervical Cancer Screening & Prevention

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Fully automated workflow

Enhances efficiency and minimizes human errors through a full automation workflow

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Fast HPV assay

Suitable for screening programs with short 1.5 hrs PCR time
(50% faster than the previous products)

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Individual 14 high-risk HPV types

Simultaneously detects and provides of individual 14 types in a single reaction

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Self-collected samples

Improves patient convenience by expanding applicable sample types including self-collected vaginal specimen

Prospective in HPV Testing for Cervical Cancer Screening

Seegene’s Allplex™
HPV HR Detection


14 High-risk HPVs


Each 14 HPV types


One reaction

  • HPV16
  • HPV51
  • HPV18
  • HPV52
  • HPV31
  • HPV56
  • HPV33
  • HPV58
  • HPV35
  • HPV59
  • HPV39
  • HPV66
  • HPV45
  • HPV68

A Product


14 High-risk HPVs


2 HPV types


One reaction

  • HPV16
  • HPV18
  • Other High-risk HPV

B Product


14 High-risk HPVs


6 HPV types


Three reaction

  • HPV16
  • HPV18
  • HPV45
  • HPV33/58
  • HPV31
  • HPV56/59/66
  • HPV51
  • HPV52
  • HPV35/39/68

Clinical Performance

Sensitivity 97%, Specificity 95%

Allplex™ HPV HR Detection shows equivalent clinical performance to CE-approved assay.

CE-Approved Assay
Positive Negative Total
Allplex™ HPV HR Detection Positive 114 38 152
Negative 3 705 708
Total 117 743 860
Overall agreement PPA NPA
95.23% (819/860) 97.44% (114/117) 94.89% (705/743)

Clinical Research Trends

Dynamics of HPV types distribution

For cervical cancer screening, detection of each 14 high-risk HPV types is required.

The prevalence HPV type differs by country or region around the world 1)

The distribution of HPV types varies by country and region.

The HPV vaccination had a substantial impact on HPV types distribution 2)

A number of epidemiological studies have shown that the prevalence of other than HPV16 and 18 is decreased due to vaccination.

1) L Bruni et al., Human Papillomavirus and Related Diseases Report, World.

2) Latsuzbaia A et al., Effectiveness of bivalent and quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination in Luxembourg. Cancer Epidemiol. 2019 Dec;63:101593.

An innovative HPV DNA test, Allplex™ HPV HR Detection

Allplex™ HPV HR Detection specifically and simultaneously detects each 14 types, provides Ct values by introducing Seegene’s proprietary ‘3 Ct PCR’ technology.

Seegene’s latest leading-edge technology can detect 15 targets in a single tube.

This proprietary technology is applied
to Allplex™ HPV HR Detection assay and
provides the broadest information.

The results of these informative tests will help clinicians make evidence-based decisions for patient management.