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Seegene Launcher

Operation software for NIMBUS IVD and STARlet IVD

Optimized operation software for multiple assays

Seegene Launcher is an operation program which includes protocol for Seegene’s various molecular diagnostic (MDx) assays. This software can perform the entire process from nucleic acid extraction to PCR setup or selectively perform extraction or PCR setup

User friendly interface

  • Intuitive and guided user interface
  • Detailed tutorial
  • Include operation manual for each assay

Applicable multiple sample types

  • Sample selection for each assay
  • Reading sample information from barcode or LIS (HL7 is applied)

Reagent traceability

  • Reduce reagent loss with installing back-up reagent
  • Convenient residual quantity check with barcode system each assay

Multi-assay PCR setup

  • Easy-to-use installation guide of multiple PCR reagents
  • Simultaneous random selective PCR setup

Interlocking with laboratory information system (LIS)