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The global leader in multiplex molecular diagnostics

Seegene tirelessly pursues innovation and takes on new challenges to build a better future for humanity

We can accomplish our mission with Seegene technologies

Seegene aims to bring a healthy life for everyone by creating a new diagnostics paradigm

  • MDx technology

    Wide range of solutions applicable in diverse markets from clinical diagnostics to basic science research

  • IT convergence technology

    Rapid development of innovative diagnostic products and automated software using IT technology based on extensive expertise in developing diagnostic reagents

  • Automated instrumentation

    Deliver clinically useful results fast and accurately for both patients and clinicians with an automated platform

  • Test platform solution

    Develops an optimized MDx platform that enables to provide MDx services at affordable price in any size of hospitals

Seegene’s high multiplex real-time PCR technologies

  • DPO™ Technology

    for multiple target amplification

  • TOCE™ Technology

    for multiple target detection

  • MuDT™ Technology

    for multiple target real-time analysis

  • Simultaneous detection

    Early diagnosis of multiple infections (co-infections by more than one causal pathogen), allowing appropriatetreatment to be applied for each causal pathogen.

  • Precise diagnosis

    Confirm certainty of infection as well as measure severity based on quantitative information of infection, supporting healthcare providers in tracking/responding to patient’s condition.

  • Timely diagnosis

    Detect multiple causal pathogens in a single test, allowing appropriate treatment regimens in the early stage.

  • Affordable diagnosis

    Cost-effective tests not only improve patient management but also relieve financial burden of healthcare system.

Seegene’s information technologies

  • Seegene in-silico

    Digitalized oligo design system integrated with Seegene's technology enables to automatically design sets of oligonucleotides for high multiplex real-time PCR assays


    Seegene digitalized development system (SGDDS) is automated simulation system for feasibility & optimization tests with exclusive design parameters

  • Automation S/W

    Seegene develops automated software for real-time PCR instrumentation and result analysis by integration its IT technology and know-how that are accumulated in MDx assay development

High multiplex MDx products

Seegene has produced and delivered molecular diagnostics (MDx) products capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously.

Seegene’s high multiplex assays deliver comprehensive clinical information in a single test and allow accurate and rapid diagnosis.

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Technical engineering and automation system

Seegene has developed instruments for molecular diagnostics based on OEM partnership. In addition to that, Seegene has developed its own automation system including DNA extraction, PCR reagent dispenser, auto electrophoresis, POCT, Real-time PCR, decapper and much more for any necessary supplements for molecular diagnosis.

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All MDx assays in one platform

Automated nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup Real-time PCR Automated data analysis

Seegene’s All-in-One Platform
enables detection of hundreds of infections on a single platform

Hospital & lab
Interlocked with LIS

Seegene’s All-in-One platform is a unique streamlined automation solution and comprehensive MDx testing system that covers infectious diseases, women's health, personalized medicine and much more. This platform allows MDx to be widely used for fact-based decision making within clinically meaningful timeframe.

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Certification for Quality Management System

Seegene’s production system is certified by ISO13485:2016, MDSAP and effectively supports product quality and manufacturing consistency.
Seegene maintains the quality control of products and registers in compliance to appropriate quality system requirement and country-specific regulations such as CE-IVD, Health Canada and Korean MFDS.