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Sustainability Management

Seegene commits itself to promoting health for humanity and fulfilling responsibility
in the Environmental, Social and Governance areas in journeying towards sustainable development.

Compliance Standards

We operate a compliance support organization to help with employees’ self-directed regulatory compliance, manage legal risks that may arise
during the course of business conduct, and evaluate the effectiveness
of our compliance support and review system to make necessary improvements on an on-going basis.

Compliance Control Environment

Compliance Policy and Program Management Department Domestic Legal Affairs/Compliance Group

Composition of the Domestic Legal Affairs/Compliance Group

  • Head of the Domestic Legal Affairs/Compliance Group

    Serve as the Compliance Officer appointed pursuant to Article 542-13 of the Commercial Law

  • Compliance Support Team in Compliance Group

    Assist the Compliance Officer

  • Audit Team in Compliance Group

    Develop and implement audit plans, conduct process risk assessments, and make necessary improvements

Compliance Control Activity

  • 01

    Assess and manage
    legal risks

  • 02

    Operate compliance training and training programs

  • 03

    Ensure the voluntary compliance of employees

  • 04

    Provide day-to-day compliance support to the Compliance Support Group

  • 05

    Conduct regular/
    ad-hoc/special audits

Effectiveness Assessment

Evaluate the effectiveness of the compliance support and review system and reflect feedback