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Flexible PCR setup solution

Increasing your laboratory efficiency with a highly flexible system

Offers automated nucleic acid classification

Uncategorized nucleic acids can be automatically classified and prepared for PCR setup that allows various items to be tested at the same time. We offer a Seegene Launcher S/W that can be driven optimally.

Up to 3 PCR plates by NIMBUS IVD

Up to 5 PCR plates by STARlet IVD

Accepts various types of nucleic acid containers flexibly

Able to load 1.5 ml tube, MP 96 plate and 96 DWP simultaneously

1.5 ml tube

MP 96 well plate

96 deep well plate

Benefits of Seegene’s PCR setup solution

Increase your laboratory efficiency with a highly flexible system

Increase laboratory productivity

  • Minimize hands-on time
  • Less time-to result, more results to report
  • Process more samples with less effort

Improve laboratory performance

  • Minimize human error
  • Reliable test management with full barcode traceability
  • Consistent and accurate results

Optimize laboratory work-flow

  • Compatible with laboratory’s established nucleic acid extraction system
  • Perform up to 4 different PCR setups in a run simultaneously