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Sustainability Management

Seegene commits itself to promoting health for humanity and fulfilling responsibility
in the Environmental, Social and Governance areas in journeying towards sustainable development.

ESG Goal

To bring the global community closer to a disease-free future, Seegene will do its utmost to attain the following three goals.

As a leader of innovation in the diagnostics industry, Seegene will fulfill its responsibility for promptly and safely guiding the global community into
a future free from diseases including COVID-19.

Across all categories of disease, from drug resistance, cancer and genetic disorders to infectious diseases spanning respiratory/gastrointestinal/sexually transmitted infections and cervical cancer that are increasing worldwide in line with globalization, industrialization and national advancement, we will develop and deliver molecular diagnostics of exceptional quality to make health care more accessible for all.

  • Innovative R&D

  • Responsible and rigorous
    quality control

  • Improved accessibility
    for global citizens
    through speedy distribution