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Healthier life for all humanity

Seegene presents a new roadmap for standardization of molecular diagnostics and brings a healthier, better future

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Doing Less for More

Seegene’s MDx technology leads to effective treatment

  • For physicians and clinics

    • Timely care in early stages of illnesses thanks to detection of multiple pathogens in a single test
    • Support in selecting the best care for each casual pathogen
  • For technicians and clinical labs

    • Increased efficiency thanks to ability to test multiple pathogens in a single test
    • Early and prompt treatment for critically ill patients by preventing delays in diagnosis
  • For physicians and clinics

    • Reliable treatment based on the most accurate prescription for each causal pathogen
    • Effective illness prevention and medical cost savings thanks to accurate, early diagnosis
  • For basic life science researchers

    • Development of novel medications ideally suited to patients’ needs
    • Diverse applications in the development of products for diagnostic and research purposes
  • For physicians and clinics

    • Rapid diagnoses of infectious diseases newly/epidemically spreading and reinforced national preventive measures
    • Improvement of healthcare management with limited sources

The recreation of new values

  • High
    multiplex MDx
  • Expertise
    in assay &
  • Digitalized
    AI system
  • Inspection
    platforms &

Seegene is recreating new values through various business opportunities and partnerships with numerous global companies through its superior technologies. Expansion and growth of molecular diagnostics market generates and contributes Seegene’s consistent growth over the years.

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What is molecular diagnostics (MDx)?

MDx has become an outstanding diagnostic method that introduced a new paradigm

  • Early diagnosis

  • High accuracy

  • Rapid result delivery

  • Personalized care

  • Cutting-edge technology

Molecular diagnostics (MDx) is the latest in vitro diagnostics that detects causes of disease by analyzing nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA which contain genetic information. Powered by high accuracy and rapid result delivery, this diagnostics is suitable for early diagnosis and holds a strong potential for personalized care.

With high sensitivity and accuracy, molecular diagnostics is used to detect infectious/genetic diseases, and in recent years, it has been widely used to detect MERS, H1N1, and avian influenza infections.