Seegene Inc

Facilities 1

Research & Development Center

A world class research hub for Life Science

Seegene Research and Development Center for Life Science is the core of the Seegene Inc., where development of all its innovative new technologies and products occurs. R&D center reflects unlimited potential growth of Seegene and allows continue to reinforce its capabilities in Molecular Diagnostics on global level. Seegene’s technology enables to detect multiple pathogens in a single reaction using Real-time PCR method. Seegene will continue to make a contribution to realize its dream of becoming the global leader in Molecular diagnostics via technology development in spirit of human respects and challenges

  • New Technologies

    Seegene’s proprietary technologies ACP™ and DPO™ optimize the efficiency and accuracy of conventional PCR method which widely used for molecular diagnostics, to test different types of pathogens in a single reaction. In addition to that, Seegene has been developed its molecular diagnostic products to detect multiple target pathogens simultaneously in a single reaction using Real-time PCR based on its READ and TOCE™ Technologies, which overcome technical limitations of conventional Real-time PCR method.

  • Reagent Development

    Based on Seegene’s core technologies, Seegene focuses on developing various diagnostic products. Its molecular diagnostic products that can simultaneously detect multiple target pathogens, includes products for detecting causing pathogens of respiratory diseases, STDs, tuberculosis, meningitis, cervical cancer, sepsis, gastrointestinal diseases, as well as mutation or drug resistance test that can cause genetic diseases.

  • Convergence Research

    Seegene is actively engaged in exchanges with worlds’ leading molecular diagnostics companies. Seegehe is particularly focusing on developing a new customized molecular diagnosis automation system such as the practicalization of technology and the activities of commercializing products, along with many global diagnostic automation equipment companies.

  • Software Development

    Seegene is developing its exclusive results analysis software that integrates IT technology into the molecular diagnostics technologies for rapid and easy analysis of test results from Seegene’s high multiplex molecular diagnostic assays. Its own developed software not only enables to apply Seegene product to various real-time PCR instruments, but also provides quantitative and automated result analysis, interlocked with hospital database systems (such as LIS), and easier patient follow up management.

  • Automated Instrument Development

    Starting with the development of OEM equipment for molecular diagnosis medical examinations, Seegene is now developing its own methods and designs of diagnosis instruments that include the Extraction instruments, PCR devices, PCR reagents, Auto electrophoresis detection equipment, and Real-time PCR instruments. Seegene also keep releasing exclusive systems that optimized for Seegene’s products through active partnership and development cooperation with global companies.

  • Research Information Management

    Based on years of expertise and experience in molecular diagnosis, Seegene now has the world-class diagnostic products in response to development requests from various experts around the world. As we know the importance of academic accumulation, Seegene strives to build a better research environment through continuous information analysis.

Facilities 2

Quality Management System

Quality Quality Management System in compliance to international standard

Seegene designs, develops, manufactures and services products according to requirements and processes of Quality Management Systems such as ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, MDSAP. Also, we manufacture and maintain the international standard of quality control of products by registration of products in compliance to appropriate quality system requirements.

  • Manufacturing System

    For mass manufactures and proper production, Seegene manages all manufacture process in the sterile facility (clean room) to prevent contamination of substances that could reasonably be expected to have an adverse effect on product quality. In addition, the room’s internal pressure is kept higher than the atmospheric pressure to prevent the ingress of contaminated external air, and the temperature and humidity are kept constant to ensure quality control and product performance.

  • Quality Management System

    Seegene establishes and maintain adequate Medical Device Quality Management System such as ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, MDSAP. Seegene conducts internal and external audits at defined frequency to determine effectiveness of current quality system and complying with quality system objectives and procedures.

  • Packaging & Distribution

    Seegene has established high quality systematic production lines for packaging & distribution. to supply products in worldwide using global distribution networks. Seegene is complying to all standards related to customer safety, health, and environmental related regulations in order to provide the best quality of products to our customers in the world

Facilities 3

Customer Support Center

For one step customer support to provide continuous total service for our valued partners

Seegene Inc,, which specializes in molecular diagnostics, is operating various customer support services such as the supporting various automation instruments set-ups, product demonstrations, confirmation tests, training for Seegene’s proprietary technologies and reagents, software and result analysis. Seegene strives to make high quality of the products that are safer and more convenient for customers.

  • Academic and technical

    Seegene is actively sharing academic research results and information on clinical trials with many domestic and international research institutions. In addition, Seegene is strengthening its R&D capabilities through MOUs with major institutions and striving to improve public health and medical services.

  • Education and training

    Seegene established "Seegene Academy" to provide continuous academic knowledge to customers and its partners to motivate them to participate and get involved. Through this, Seegene holds symposium, seminars, lectures, workshops and even in-house trainings to provide information on its products, systems and technologies.

  • Follow-up Service

    Seegene provides not only technology-optimized equipment and software, but also supports follow-up services. The service covers installation and set up the various facilities from extraction instruments and automation PCR instruments, development of software for interlocking with the hospital’s CRM system, to any handling errors and problems in use of Seegene products and systems.