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One day report system

Every morning! Get a MDx test report like a newspaper

From provincial sample shipment
to results in a day

Seegene's All-in-one platform can quickly deliver results from varies tests in relatively small spaces

One reference laboratory in Korea* introduced a 1 day reporting system using Seegene's “All-in-one” platform, which gave the industry a huge repercussions. The SMF collects samples twice(day time & night time) a day and provides results online. Infectious Diseases, Women's Health, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Gastrointestinal Disease, Drug-resistance and Laboratory developed tests are available on the schedule. (*SMF: Seegene medical foundation)

Customized platform for the lab

SMF used the customized platform with MagNapure 96 (Roche). The PCR set up consisted of "multiple items on multiple plates", "mixed batch testing on a single plate" and “Laboratory developed tests”.

One platform for multiple items

Consolidation of lab operation with one platform

Variety of high-multiplex products

  • Simultaneous detection of around 100 different targets reduces operational costs and running time.
  • These products also enable differentiated services with clinically useful results.

Multifunctional automated system

  • Optimization of laboratory operation through various automation functions with laboratory developed MDx tests.
  • Reduction of human labor due to easy maintenance and minimal space.
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Optimized useful results

  • The sample information tracking system enables fast results to be deployed.
  • High multiplex MDx test result through the Seegene Viewer is optimized and distributed in various formats.

Impact on MDx revenue

Since the introduction of MDx in Korea, the SMF has risen from the seventh to the third position in the industry in three years.

Total growth rate per year

Number of MDx test targets

Previously, SMF offered services in various fields such as clinical chemistry, immunology, hematology, microbiology, special chemistry, cytogenetics and pathology.

However, after one year of trial operation with Seegene’s MDx assays, SMF has expanded its MDx facilities in multifold and their MDx business has been ramping up every year. The SMF was also the first in the industry to establish a one day report system for MDx testing, with the benefit of Seegene’s MDx system which enables simultaneous detection of multiple targets.

“Seegene's MDx solution was
the best solution for our lab”

The SMF was to establish a one-day report system for molecular diagnostics testing, which greatly reduced the time it takes for physicians and patients for test results.

US "Innovation TV" Interview aired in 2017

In addition to the advantage of MDx testing to deliver quick results, Seegene’s technologies enable running various tests simultaneously under uniform PCR test conditions on a single instrument platform. Such a one-day report policy & unique and broad test menu utilizing Seegene’s MDx assays helped SMF expand its customer base and set them apart from other competing reference laboratories. Daily collected samples were tested and completed within just 4 hours, allowing for the immediate delivery of results the next day. Hospitals were able to obtain more clinical information per test from Seegene’s high multiplex assays, which made it possible for them to perform effective treatment.