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Benefit of full panel assays

Full panel assays test multiple pathogens accurately in a single run without any other method

High multiplex testing for identification
of unknown pathogens

Seegene’s full panel assays provide more information of multiplex infections

When in many cases of death by gastrointestinal infections (food poisoning) caused by Salmonella and Listeria did not have clear answers on their causative pathogen identification1)2).

A. 1500 deaths occur annually in US because of GI infection (food poisoning) caused by Salmonella and Listeria but 60% of them are attributed by unidentified pathogens.2) 

B. 795 stool samples tested in Australia, 9 cases of salmonellosis, and 24 cases of campylobacteriosis were identified, when Salmonella and Listeria were tested only.3)

Seegene’s test for gastrointestinal infection highlights the benefits of full panel assays. The results of Noro(-) samples (N=200)3) with Seegene’s assay show not only the single infection of GI pathogens but also double and triple co-infected pathogen information and its severity.

1) Gamarra RM et al. (updated 2015)
2) Hellard M. et al. (2001) Environ Health Perspect. 109:774-784
3) Clinical evaluation of Allplex™ GI Assay (Oral presentation at 2016 ECCMID, Seegene integrated symposium)

One-step high multiplex testing
on the syndromic approach

Test All at Once by Real-time RT-PCR

Improve productivity
with fast and high-throughput testing

Seegene’s full panel high multiplex assays maximize the test efficiency with its excellent performance

Because Seegene’s assay simultaneously tests for multiple targets in reduced running time with minimum labor required, it enables reduction of test cost and improves test productivity. Using GI full panel proves that the test time for parasites and bacteria infections is much shorter, but labor and reagent/media cost is lower with higher sensitivity.

Culture vs. Real-time PCR* for bacteria¹

• Time to result for 24 samples

• Cost of labor for 90 samples (avg. wage $27/hour)

Microscopy vs. Real-time PCR* for parasites¹

• Time to result for 200 samples per staff

• Maximum sample processing capacity per staff in a day

1) Rebbapragada, Advances for routine molecular diagnosis of gastrointestinal infections. 2016; Seegene integrated symposium in ECCMID 2016
* Real-time PCR is based on Seegene Allplex™ PCR assays

Allowing faster and more appropriate decisions

Appropriate treatment can be advised within 1 day with Seegene’s full panel assays

Unlike traditionally used gold standard method, Seegene's full panel assays allow accurate informative diagnosis when it requires prompt treatment such as testing Tuberculosis (TB) and drug-resistances of TB.

Comparisons of TAT for tuberculosis test

Yes, People say
Seegene is the “ONLY” solution

Listen to the customers who use Seegene’s full panel assays

A customer in Germany

“We call current diagnostic process as the ‘Diagnostic cascade’. This term simply explains the current situation that some of relevant organisms are indeed being excluded during diagnostic process.”

A customer in Canada

“Great performance with high clinical sensitivity and specificity! And 63-fold of reductions in lab costs and expenses come with it.”