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Sustainability Management

Seegene commits itself to promoting health for humanity and fulfilling responsibility
in the Environmental, Social and Governance areas in journeying towards sustainable development.

Environmental Management Policy

We will faithfully implement the following environmental management policy, with our CEO making firm commitment and taking the lead to comply with environmental regulations and promote sustainable environmental management.

Leading the global molecular diagnostics market on a par with multinationals on the strength of its original Multiplex PCR technology, Seegene Inc. (‘Seegene’ hereinafter) has announced its commitment to join in the transformative journey towards a better tomorrow by embracing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) management on March 26, 2021.

To advance sustainable environmental management, we will fully implement the following environmental management policy.

Action Guidelines

We will improve our environmental management system on an on-going basis, secure necessary resources and information, and develop environmentally friendly technology to attain our environmental management goals. We will consider environmental impact as our top priority in making any and all business decisions and strictly follow the action guidelines below.

  • We pursue sustainability management to consistently reduce environmental loads in the entire product lifecycle and prevent environmental pollution.

  • We establish a rigorous quality management system and a systemic manufacturing process
    that set the standard in the pharmaceutical industry to minimize the use of hazardous chemicals
    and the generation of environmental pollutants and waste in our product R&D and manufacturing.

  • We set and disclose environmental goals to embed our environmental management policy
    into the fabric of our corporate culture, and encourage employees to engage in environmental management by providing them with Seegene’s key environmental information and necessary training.

  • We doubly make sure that potential environmental impacts are reviewed prior to launching new business or making new investment and integrate the results in our decision-making.

  • We comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, and establish and faithfully implement a management system for the prevention of environmental incidents.

  • We regularly monitor the effective execution of our environmental management policy
    and improve our environmental management system on an on-going basis.

We will do our utmost to implement the aforementioned environmental management policy.