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Compact and automated nucleic acid extraction system

Compact and automated nucleic acid extraction system

SEEPREP32™, the automated extraction system, can simultaneously extract up to 32 specimens in just 30 minutes, which guarantees to enhance productivity and efficiency of your laboratory.

More efficient and effective extraction system

Short turnaround time 

Extraction of 32 samples in less than 30 minutes

Application of a wide range of specimens

Simultaneous extraction of nucleic acid from various types of specimens

Easy operation

User friendly operation using tablet PC

Bead transfer-based method

Magnetic bead transfer to minimize inhibitors

Application of a wide range of specimens

Whole blood, Serum, Plasma, Urine, Swabs (Nasopharyngeal, Vaginal, Cervical, Urethral, Rectal), LBC (Liquid based cytology) specimen,
Aspirate (Nasopharyngeal), BAL (Bronchoalveolar lavage), Sputum, Stool (Cary-Blair), CSF

Easy of use

  • Simply operates by tablet as a remote control
  • Easy to monitor the whole process 
  • Only one protocol covering various specimens
  • Internal sterilization with UV light to prevent contamination

Magnetic bead transfer method for nucleic acid extraction  

SEEPREP32™ takes advantages of the magnetic rods that automatically transfer the magnetic beads-nucleic acid mixture from one well to another, then process the cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, washing and elution.

Minimizing inhibitors / Rapid extraction / Reducing consumables


Extraction system methodMagnetic bead transfer
Processing capacity1 to 32 specimens per run
Turnaround timeWithin 30 min / 32 specimens
Hands-on time5~10 minutes
Convenience function Wireless control tablet (Optional)
Power input100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Power consumption600W
Operating temperature20~30℃

Dimension (W x D x H)440 x 430 x 445 mm
Relative humidity10% - 80% R.H. non-condensing
Magnetic rod32 ea
Sample volume200 μL
Elution volume100 μL
Ordering Information SG71100 (SEEPREP32™)