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Seegene Viewer

Powerful data analysis software for Seegene’s multiplex MDx assays

Automated data analysis
for multiplex real-time PCR

Seegene Viewer is designed to enable users to simply access to automated data analysis for Seegene’s high multiplex real-time PCR assays.
The software allows identification and differentiation for both Ct value of multiple targets in a single channel as well as melting curve analysis.

Unification analysis software

One consolidated software for various MDx assays instead of having multiple analysis software for multiple MDx assays run on different platforms

The software for high multiplex molecular diagnostic analysis by real-time PCR

Color-coded interpretation of each sample result in 96-well plate type template

Convenient readout of multiple sample results

Convenient readout for multiple Ct values and melting curve analysis results

Dual graph results for each Ct value in a single channel by Allplex™

Melting curve result by Anyplex™ II

Automated results interpretation tool optimized for multiplex assays

Multiple Ct values in a single channel using Allplex™

Quantification analysis by cyclic-CMTA using Anyplex™ II

Interlocked with hospital’s LIS software