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  • CE-IVD


Vial Cap Management System

Pre-analytical system
for better workflow

Increase efficiency by automating de-capping, aliquotting,
and re-capping.

Expanded automation system
for productive workflow

Efficient workflow

Expanded automation provides increased productivity for high volume laboratories and superior quality

Effortless workflow

Easily load and scan a sample for your walk-away time

IT integrated workflow

Integration into the laboratory IT system providing full sample traceability

Seegene's HPV testing concept with VCMS

Expanded Laboratory Efficiency

Pre-analytic step of up to 92 Thinprep™ tubes

Automated Extraction & PCR Setup

One-step process from nucleic acid extraction to PCR setup

Detection by Real-time PCR

Multiple target detection for Seegene's HPV test

Automated Data Analysis

Automated data interpretation with Seegene Viewer and interlocked with LIS