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  • Dec,2020

    Launched post-analysis platform "SG STATS"

  • Dec, 2020

    Exceeded 1 trillion won in 2020 annual sales

  • Dec, 2020

    Selected as 'Innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprise' (Ministry of Health and Welfare)

  • Jun, 2020

    Expanded production facilities to "Songpa hangil building", "Hanam production center 1·2·3"

  • Jun, 2019

    Establish a subsidiary - Seegene Brazil Diagnosticos LTDA - in Brazil

  • May, 2019

    Obtained MDSAP certification

  • Oct, 2018

    First successful development of molecular diagnosis reagents using SGDDS

  • Apr, 2018

    Introduction of automated system for reagent tube capping and labeling

  • Jan, 2018

    MOU with Tianlong, a Chinese Molecular Diagnosis Company for co-developing

  • Dec, 2017

    Expand logistics facilities for MDx products

  • Nov, 2017

    Establish a subsidiary - Seegene Germany GmbH - in Germany

  • Sep, 2017

    MOU with Hamilton for co-developing

  • Jun, 2017

    MOU with Mexico Government Agriculture Agency for Collaborative Development of Non-human MDx Assay

  • May, 2017

    Collaboration with Thermo Fisher for FDA clearance of the MDx assays and instruments

  • Apr, 2017

    Patent Seegene’s new generation of real-time technology (TOCE™) in the leading countries including the United States

  • Feb, 2017

    Develop New Normalization Software Technology for molecular diagnosis

  • Jan, 2017

    Present ‘All MDx Assays in One Platform’ solution at the 35th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

  • Dec, 2016

    Head of the Seegene Middle East, awarded the Minister’s Award of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea

  • Nov, 2016

    Signed collaboration agreement with Hologic for developing high multiplex molecular diagnostic assays

    Signed MOU with Institut Català d'Oncologia(ICO) in Spain for mutual cooperation

  • Oct, 2016

    Expansion of production facilities

  • Sep, 2016

    Acquired Neoprobe for better custom oligo synthesis service

    Launched SG Oligo designing service

    President of Seegene Middle East, awarded a commendation from minister of Ministry of trade, industry and energy for ‘Merit in Exportation’

  • Jul, 2016

    Signed MOU with DGIST for mutual cooperation

  • Jun, 2016

    Launched SG Oligo designing system

    Awarded In-Vitro Diagnostics Company of the Year at the 2016 Frost & Sullivan South Korea Excellence Awards

  • May, 2016

    Launched RUO products (Novaplex™) for U.S. market

    Developed STARMag 96 X 4 Universal Cartridge Kit for nucleic acid extraction of multiple specimen types

  • Apr, 2016

    Establishing a joint venture with Biodist Group in Mexico: Biodist-Seegene Diagnostics

  • Sep, 2015

    Signed the ODM supply agreement with BD(Becton, Dickinson)

    Awarded the 2015 South Korea In-Vitro Diagnostics Company of the Year

  • Jul, 2015

    Established CANADA subsidiary

    Signed CDx collaboration agreement with QIAGEN

  • Jun, 2015

    Established USA subsidiary

  • Feb, 2015

    Receives FDA Clearance for its HSV Molecular Test

  • Dec, 2014

    Selected as the ‘World class product of KOREA’ (Respiratory virus detection kit, STI pathogen detection kit)

  • Nov, 2014

    Signed the first global ODM supply agreement with Beckman Coulter Diagnostics (Danaher)

  • Oct, 2014

    Established subsidiaries - Seegene Middle East, in Dubai

  • Jul, 2014

    Developed MuDT™ (Simultaneous quantification and detection of multipletargets in a single fluorescence channel)

    Licensed TOCE™ to Eisai(Japan) for companion diagnostics(CDx)

  • Apr, 2014

    Listed on KOSDAQ’s Hidden Champion (Korea Stock Exchange)

  • Jan, 2014

    Established subsidiaries in Italy

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