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Seegene In-Life PCR

Make Our Everyday Alive
with a Comprehensive
Respiratory Testing Solution

What is Seegene
In-Life PCR?

In In-Life PCR is the comprehensive diagnostic campaign of routine testing for preemptive
pathogen detection from pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic individuals at the early stage of
infection and syndromic testing for accurate diagnosis of symptomatic patients.

Routine testing for asymptomatic
or pre-symptomatic diagnosis

Syndromic testing for accurate
diagnosis of symptomatic patients

Asymptomatic individuals, a potential threat to public health, could be managed by routine testing.

As can be seen from WHO data, SARS-COV-2 is still around us.
The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can still be transmitted to others even if you’re asymptomatic.
That’s why important to conduct routine asymptomatic testing using PCR tests.

Respiratory diseases show similar symptoms.
Appropriate treatment care is required according to their causes.

Many respiratory diseases, including the flu and COVID-19, share so many similar symptoms. To increase the odds of treatment success and prevent the spread of infection, it's very important to correctly identify the cause of infection as early as possible and check to see if there are combination infections.
In particular, in flu seasons when various respiratory diseases spread, accurate diagnosis through syndromic tests is essential.

Runny nose
Sore throat

In-Life PCR, a comprehensive
respiratory testing solution

Seegene’s method of comprehensive respiratory illness testing is the solution to ensuring healthier daily lives for everyone.
Costs are significantly lower so that anyone can get it as often as they want and they’re widely available around us, giving us convenient access to it. Stop worrying about respiratory illnesses through Seegene’s In-Life PCR, and go about your active healthy lifestyle.

Let’s protect our health through routine PCR tests.

In collaboration with various communities,
Seegene provides routine PCR testing for In-Life PCR campaign.

Public transportation

For the safety of various traffic, such as ride-hailing services, drivers are given routine PCR opportunities.

Educational institution

For the health of students, routine PCR tests are conducted in cooperation with various educational institutions.

Industrial spaces

For the health of the industry, we will cooperate with various partners to receive routine PCR tests for workers.

Accurate, Affordable, Accessible!

A PCR testing readily available for Anyone!

Accurate & Syndromic

Reliable Results

A single test can simultaneously detect COVID-19 and various respiratory viruses, so it can accurately identify the cause of the disease and provide appropriate treatment to the patient.


No More Cost Burden

It costs significantly less than currently available PCR tests, allowing for frequent periodic testing.


Anytime, Anywhere

We collaborate with various partners through the In-Life PCR campaign to provide testing services at everyday touchpoints.

Protecting Our Daily Lives. Seegene In-Life PCR