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  • CE-IVD

Seegene STARlet

One-step process from nucleic acid extraction to PCR setup

Easy NA extraction and PCR setup for multiple specimens

Seegene STARlet IVD is an easy-to-use liquid handling workstation from primary sample tube to nucleic acid (NA) extraction and PCR setup. It provides convenient process of your lab works by minimizing hands-on time and maximizing assay reliability

Flexible solution for extraction
or PCR setup selectively

One step process from extraction to PCR setup

Extraction-only operation
> PCR setup-dedicated operation

Can be used with other NA extraction instruments
> PCR setup-dedicated operation

Direct loading of primary sample tubes

1.5 ml tube

12 mm tube

16 mm tube


A single set of reagent for extraction of bacterial, viral, genomic, parasitic, fungal DNA and/or RNA from various types of specimens

PCR setup up to 4 assays together
with in-house PCR assays customized in your laboratory


Power input115-230V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumptionMaximum 600 W
Dimensions1124 (W)x795 (D)x903 (H) mm
Weight140 Kg
Sample capacity1-94 samples
TAT155 min for whole process

Pipetting channel8 channels
Dispensing precision
(when using 300㎕ tip)
10㎕ : 2%, 50㎕ : 0.75%, 200㎕ : 0.75
Dispensing precision
(when using 1000㎕ tip)
10㎕ : 3.5%, 100㎕ : 0.75%, 1000㎕ : 0.75%
Positional accuracy0.1 mm on X-Y-Z
Ordering Information 67930-03