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Sustainability Management

Seegene commits itself to promoting health for humanity and fulfilling responsibility
in the Environmental, Social and Governance areas in journeying towards sustainable development.

Data Protection

With a goal of mainstreaming molecular diagnostics to promote health for all, we ceaselessly push our limits and
move forward in our R&D endeavors to lead the global molecular diagnostic market.

  • To this end, we recognize protecting the personal data of our customers and suppliers
    as well as our own employees as an essential determinant for our very survival
    as a company.

  • We comply with applicable laws and regulations in the areas of information security and data privacy, and endeavor to establish regulations and an organizational system for the purpose of information security in conformity with such laws and regulations.

  • Not only do we safeguard personal data but also ensure our business continuity through internal vulnerability assessment, hacking simulation, failure management and security monitoring.