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R&D Partnership

We are searching for collaborative partners for developing MDx systems & assays

Customized multiplex real-time PCR assays for your MDx system

We have made a variety of forms of strategic alliances with many partners in order to strengthen our capacity to develop gene diagnosis assays in various fields and much more enhance local and global marketing initiatives. Seegene’s exclusive multiplex gene testing technology, which enables “Detect all with a single test” to be manufactured and optimized for any lab environment or development conditions of customer, including any of their POCs, chips and real-time PCR equipment.

  • Co-development partnership

    Collaboration of Seegene’s SGDDS and partner’s expertise will make the multiplex real-time PCR product development faster and easier

    > Commercial laboratory
    > Customized test item for prospective clients

  • OEM partnership

    Customizable solutions for your unique workflow of molecular diagnostics equipment (tool)

    > POC based companies
    > Detection instrument companies
    > Molecular diagnostic companies

  • Licensing business

    Seegene's own technology licenses can be provided to develop new tools and analysis methods for molecular diagnosis with partners

    > Molecular diagnostic companies

Collaborative partnership for developing MDx assays

For saving cost, time and labor

  • Co-development of real-time PCR assays on Seegene’s One Platform through collaboration of Seegene and partners with expertise. (idea, knowledge and experiences)

  • Broadening MDx assays with high multiplex real-time PCR format and implementing partner expertise through collaboration with SGDDS

Custom MDx assay development in various fields

  • Human

    • Blood Screening
    • Genetic disease
    • Drug resistance
    • Cancer
    • Infectious disease
  • Animal

    • Quarantine
    • Species Identification
    • Lineage
    • Infectious disease
    • Prevention
  • Food safety

    • Allergens
    • Spoilage Organisms
    • Meat Identification
    • Foodborne pathogen
  • Fish

    • Blood Screening
    • Genetic disease
    • Drug resistance
    • Cancer
    • Infectious disease
  • Plant

    • Infectious disease
    • Quarantine
  • Feed

    • Fish meal
    • Meat and bone meal
    • Mixed feed
  • Agriculture

    • Vegetable
    • Quarantine
    • Field crops
    • Fruit
    • GMO
  • More

    • Hygiene Screening
    • Cosmetic

Partnering Process

  • Analyzing
    partner’s and our needs

  • Assessing
    suitability of partnership

  • Negotiating
    terms and conditions of contract

  • Progressing
    product development and supply

  • Building
    partnership and relationships

Strategic partnership proposal


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