Seegene Inc

Seegene has participated in hat-knitting campaign for infants for eight years in a row

Mar 09, 2018

Seegene has celebrated its 8th year of participation in the hat-knitting campaign for infants, and this could pursue because of the active and voluntary participation of employees.

The knitted hats that participants knitted with their own hands little by little for two months during their lunch time will be delivered to infants in developing countries who are dying due to diseases such as hypothermia and premature birth that can easily be treated.

Besides the hat-knitting campaign for infants, Seegene employees are also sharing briquettes with love by visiting neglected people in the society at the end of every year. Although it is a small effort, Seegene keeps remembering the important of sharing love to make a better society by continually having time for our neighbors.

One of the participants from research and development team, who has participated in the campaign for the first time, said, “Although I hesitated to participate in the campaign because I never did knitting before, by having meetings regularly in lunch time, I could make hats one by one with a help of participated colleagues regardless of positions. Even though this woolly hats were made by my clumsy hands, I was very glad when I think raise the body temperature of infants who will be wearing my hat which can increase their survival chance.”