Seegene Inc

Participation in the Mexico's biggest pathology conference

Nov 10, 2017

The Amplibio Seegene Diagnostics (The joint corporation of Seegene and Amplibio Mexico) participated in XLVII congreso nacional mexicano de patologia clinica (Mexican National Congress of Clinical Pathology) held in Puebla, Mexico, from Nov. 1st to Nov. 4th, 2017. This national congress is the biggest pathology conference in Mexico, more than 1,000 healthcare professionals including pathologists and physicians participate and 50 and more healthcare-related companies exhibited in this year.

Mexico is the second largest medical device market after Brazil in Latin America, and the Mexican government is increasing investment in the medical industry every year. Currently, the Multiplex Real-time PCR, the latest in vitro diagnostic test method, has not been popularly used in Mexico yet, because of that, introducing Seegene’s Multiplex Real-time PCR product was able to come to the fore and get a great attention from the participants.

Especially, Anyplex™ II HR Detection that can screen human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and provide its genotyping information. Other infectious disease test products such as test for sexually transmitted infections (STI), and respiratory bacteria/virus infections including pneumonia, cold, tuberculosis drug resistance have been to the fore that are expanding rapidly in the medical device market of Mexico.

Furthermore, they held a seminar to present the excellence of Seegene's unique multiplex technology. By presenting the clinical impact of HPV testing products and its success stories, many requests for product demonstration and clinical evaluation result has been received from the participants.

The director of Amplibio Seegene Diagnostics’ exhibit said, "This conference was a very good opportunity to enhance the status of Seegene in Mexico as having the excellent multiplex technology and specialized company for molecular diagnostics." The director also said, "Since we introduced the various product lineups and highly reliable results to the customers of the major and specialized hospitals of Mexico where a high barrier to entry has existed for sales, it is expected that entering the Mexican medical market will be more resilient.