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Seegene participates in LMCE 2017 & KSLM 58th Annual Meeting

Oct 23, 2017

Seegene participated in the LMCE 2017 & KSLM 58th Annual Meeting, which was held at the Grand Walkerhill Seoul from October 18-20.

The LMCE & KSLM Annual Meeting is an annual congress for sharing information on the latest technologies and medical knowledge for advancing the field of diagnosis. The congress has expanded from domestic conference to the international event since 2016.

In year 2017, presentations and discussions were held under the theme called, “Laboratory Medicine in the Era of Disruptive Technology” to focus on innovative laboratory technologies in the diagnosis paradigm. Accordingly, Seegene introduced its Allplex™ Respiratory(RP) Panel Assays and Allplex™ Gastrointestinal(GI) Panel Assays. Allplex™ Respiratory Panel Assays simultaneously detects major respiratory viruses and 3 influenza A subtypes, and Allplex™ Gastrointestinal Panel Assays identifies multiple pathogens for acute diarrhea and food poisoning. Results from clinical research conducted for both product lines were presented at the education workshop on the last day of the conference.

Seegene’s invited speaker, Dr. Yonat Shemer-Avni(Soroka University Medical Center), gave a presentation on the efficacy of Seegene’s multiplex real-time PCR diagnosis in respiratory infections with its clinical impacts. This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Jungwon Hyun(Hallym University’s College of Medicine) focused on the new trend in diarrhea diagnosis and how Allplex™ GI Panel Assays demonstrated outstanding performance with users’ convenience compared to other products.

Both of Allplex™ RP and GI obtained CE certification in Europe and sanctioned by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Two products are actively being supplied to university hospitals and general/specialty hospitals throughout Korea as unrivaled products in the field of multiplex PCR diagnosis.