Seegene Inc

Seegene introduces renewed Seegene PR website for its distributors

Sep 25, 2017

On September 20, 2017, Seegene launched its renewed Seegene PR website, which offers enhanced support for promotional activities and channels of communication of overseas distributors.

The website renewal focused on three main areas: creation of online systems for making work-related requests and receiving support; enhancement of the accessibility and convenience of educational and promotional content related to products, equipment, and software; and improvement of communication between the Seegene headquarters and distributors through an online announcement system.

One notably improved feature is the online system that facilitates the provision of support for the participation of distributors in local events such as conference and exhibitions. This new system enables staff to view the current status of all related tasks at a glance and process relevant tasks immediately. This not only enhances the efficiency of work tasks between the Seegene headquarters and distributors but is also expected active sales activities through increased participation of local conferences, where can promote the discovery of new clients and stimulating market expansion.

A Seegene online spokesperson said, “In the future, we will be supplying highly optimized sales content for each country and distributor via the post-login screen. Our distributors are major partners, and we will continue developing our online services to allow for closer cooperation between our headquarters and distributors and improve the efficiency and convenience of collaborative work.”