Seegene Inc

Seegene introduced a unique concept of molecular diagnostics system at world’s largest clinical chemistry conference (AACC 2017)

Aug 08, 2017

From July 30 to August 3, Seegene participated in the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), the world’s largest conference on clinical chemistry, held in San Diego.

The AACC is an event where medical diagnostics companies showcase the most recent information on diagnostic technology, equipment, tests, and testing methods. Centered on the North, South, and Central Americas, the AACC is one of the world’s most famous trade shows in the diagnostics sector, featuring the participation of experts on in vitro diagnostic testing from all over the world.

At AACC 2017, Seegene introduced a product portfolio of over 100 molecular diagnostics assays that can be applied to its One Platform MDx Solution, which will be developed based on Seegene’s digitalized development system that the company has begun to adopt earlier this year. Seegene was also looking for co-development partners who can conduct clinical tests and performance evaluations for these new products.

On the other hand, Seegene also unveiled its unique Seegene Random Access System at the press conference that enables same-day results for any molecular diagnostic tests requested by clinicians. This system can conduct over 100 different menus of multiple molecular diagnostic tests simultaneously, regardless of the specimen types or test menus. With Seegene Random Access System, clinicians can choose the test menu depends on their patients’ condition and receive the test results on the same business day, without having to wait several days. In this respect, Seegene Random Access System is expected to have a significant positive impact on patient care.

A Seegene spokesperson said, “Due to the limited test menu on existing diagnostic devices, along with the limitations on lab space and personnel, molecular diagnostic systems are primarily established at large hospitals, which receive and care for many patients with serious illnesses and conduct numerous tests. With the introduction of Seegene Random Access System, this single platform will be a trigger for the popularization of molecular diagnostics which able to conduct multiple tests using different test menus at the same time. This will not only address the limitations of existing molecular diagnostic testing environments but also revitalize the field of molecular diagnosis in general, regardless of hospital size or the number of tests conducted. By increasing user convenience and the utility of molecular diagnostic equipment, Seegene will continue to strive to achieve its ultimate goal of making it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of molecular diagnostics.”