Seegene Inc

SBS CNBC focused Seegene as “company behind global market sensation”

Jun 29, 2017

On June 28, 2017, SBS CNBC’s Ask the CEO program featured Seegene CEO Jong-Yoon Chun, highlighting the sensation the company has made in the global molecular diagnostics market. Conducted in a talk show format based on anecdotes and information judged to be of interest to viewers, the program reveals the life stories of CEOs who overcame great difficulties to become successful entrepreneurs.

The program host, Ms. Jin-Sun Lee introduced Seegene as “a Korean biotechnology company that is 10 years ahead of the rest of the world with its unrivaled, cutting-edge molecular diagnostics technology which enables 99.9% accuracy in detecting infectious diseases using genetic information.” The first half of the interview dealt primarily with the story of Seegene’s growth as a company and various anecdotes related to its history.

CEO Jong-Yoon Chun said, “The foundation of Seegene today was built on our desire to turn hardship into opportunity, our constant efforts to overcome our own limitations, the classic spirit of entrepreneurship, and the desire to always try something new. The entire Seegene staff is working diligently to create a corporate atmosphere where each member of the Seegene community can realize his or her dreams, and we will continue to strive toward the goal of making Korea a leading global power in the molecular diagnostics industry.”

Lee concluded the interview by saying, “CEO Chun’s pride as a scholar and confidence as a businessman seem to be based on a lifetime of dedication to technology development and research. Having already astonished the global diagnostics community with its revolutionary technology, capable of simultaneously screening for multiple infections in a single test, Seegene is a company whose future accomplishments we look forward to seeing.”