Seegene Inc

Seegene participates in OTCAN/BOOKCAN, used clothing donation event

Jun 30, 2015

As a means of fulfilling its core corporate value of social contribution, Seegene participates in an OTCAN donation event every year. This year, from June 10 to 30, a company-wide drive was held to collect used items. Approximately 200 sets of used clothing, bags, shoes and 80 used books were donated to OTCAN/BOOKCAN.

OTCAN is a non-profit private organization registered with the Ministry of Environment. Its name is a combination of the Korean word for “clothing” (OT) and the English word “can,” expressing the idea that “we can do meaningful work with something as simple as clothes.” OTCAN/BOOKCAN? sells the donated clothing and books at bazaars and carries out various other projects, the proceeds of which are dedicated to the education and provision of clean water for children in developing countries.

One campaign participant stated, “The idea of helping others had always seemed unfamiliar and difficult to me. But after simply organizing my closet and gathering up all the clothes I no longer wear, I was very happy at the thought that, instead of being thrown out, these clothes would go to children in developing countries who really need them.”

Seegene constantly strives to expand its culture of sharing with the community through a variety of such social contribution activities.