Seegene Inc

Seegene signs ODM contract with Qiagen to grow as a global enterprise

Jul 10, 2015

Seegene is currently accelerating the pace of its strategy for entering the global market. On July 9, Seegene signed an original design manufacturer (ODM) contract with Qiagen, a global molecular diagnostics company. This is Seegene’s second ODM contract since its first with Danaher (Beckman Coulter), an American electronics equipment and spare parts company, in November 2014.

Qiagen possesses over 500 exclusive patent technologies and, with a market share of 8.5 percent, is ranked the fourth largest company in the molecular diagnostics market.

Through this contract, Seegene will develop and supply diagnostics product based on multiplex real-time PCR, to be applied to Qiagen’s automated QIAsymphony RGQ MDX system. Based on Qiagen’s brand power and global sales network, Seegene aims to expand the supply of its products worldwide by first gaining momentum in the European and Asian markets.


Senior Vice President Thierry Bernard of Qiagen’s Molecular Diagnostics Business Area stated, “Through this contract with Seegene, we are pleased to be able to provide multiplex infectious disease testing products to the users of our QIAsymphony RGQ MDX system.” He also stated, “Seegene’s technology provides a highly user-friendly testing method that can analyze multiple pathogens at once. With its ability to provide accurate results for all target genes, it has excellent clinical utility.”


Seegene CEO Jong-Yoon Chun stated, “The combination of Seegene’s competitive multiplex technology and Qiagen’s revolutionary automated system and global brand power will contribute significantly to the popularization of multiplex molecular diagnostics.” Chun emphasized that the company has now “obtained its second global business channel, following last year’s supply contract with Danaher.”