Seegene Inc

Seegene stands tall at international symposium in Europe

May 06, 2015


The European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) is the largest congress on microbiology in Europe. Hosted by world-class diagnostics companies, this event has grown in scale and importance each year as an occasion for eminent scholars to present the results of their evaluations of products and technologies as well as the latest trends in diagnostic science.
Seegene was the first Korean company to participate in the ECCMID Symposium in 2014, making this year its second time. At this year’s symposium, Seegene gave a presentation on how its HPV testing product makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of cervical cancer prevention and provide better patient care.
The chair of the presentation panel was Dr. Chris Meijer (Netherlands), a world-renowned expert on cervical cancer and HPV, and the speakers included experts from Germany, the U.S., and Italy. The symposium was focused on the great clinical significance of HPV testing method, which includes both HPV screening and genotyping test for the prevention of cervical cancer and patient care. The presentations concluded by showing how much more important this method will become in the future including Seegene’s HPV DNA test, eliciting an overall positive response from the audience.
On the other hand, the evaluation of the clinical significance of Seegene’s HPV testing product was conducted by Dr. Chris Meijer and Dr. Peter Snijders, from the VUMC, Netherlands and world-renowned HPV experts. Dr. Snijders stated in his presentation that the evaluation of Seegene’s product proves that its suitability of use as a screening test for not only current cancer patients but also as a routine check-ups for anyone who wants to prevent cervical cancer.
Through its participation in this symposium, Seegene secured the basis upon which it can enter the cervical cancer screening test market, which is overwhelmingly dominated by HPV products, in earnest. Furthermore, a thesis based on the content presented at this year’s ECCMID symposium was introduced at the International Papillomavirus Conference held on September 18 in Portugal, where it attracted the attention of many in the HPV testing market.