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Women’s Health Foundation’s "Cervical Healthcare Training Train"

Oct 15, 2015


On October 17, the Women’s Health Foundation, one of Korea’s most prominent women’s health organizations, conducted the “Cervical Healthcare Training Train,” a special event designed to promote the importance of preventing cervical cancer.

Participants were selected randomly from applications, with a total of 80 women being selected, including university students, office workers, and housewives. The class was held in a moving train, giving the participants the opportunity to learn about cervical cancer in a more active and fun way.

Held for the first time last year, this year’s event was the second session of the Cervical Healthcare Training Train, which aims to raise awareness about the prevention of cervical cancer and the importance of HPV DNA testing with sponsoring by Seegene.

The Gapyeong-bound train on which the class was held departed from Yongsan Station for its destination of Namiseom Island. Lectures were given by two gynecologists, Professor Geun-ho Lee of the Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital and Professor Hae-nam Lee of the Catholic University of Korea Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital, who introduced the HPV DNA test as a way of more effectively preventing cervical cancer by identifying the type and degree of HPV infection.

What was emphasized the most in this year’s progrma was the importance of early and regular testing for cervical cancer, as early-stage cervical cancer presents with almost no symptoms.
President Deok-su Bae of the Women’s Health Foundation stated, “Through the Cervical Healthcare Training Train, we impressed upon the participants the importance of regular check-up of HPV DNA tests for the prevention of cervical cancer. The program was a success.” He also stated, "Cervical cancer poses a major risk to women’s health, causing one death every two minutes worldwide and three deaths per day in Korea. Therefore, the Women’s Health Foundation will continue to lead the effort to promote the importance of early detection.”

Women’s Health Foundation

The Women’s Health Foundation was established in July 2014 to enhance women’s rights, with a particular focus on raising the status of women of alienated groups. The foundation conducts a wide range of community service activities, both in Korea and abroad, including the provision of proper sex education and training on the prevention of sexual violence. It provides consultations on rehabilitation, medical services for children and women who have been victims of sexual violence, and conducts classes on women’s health issues. The foundation also supports other programs related to women’s rights and welfare. (