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Establishing a new framework for the life sciences industry: Seegene participates in 2015 Bio-Convergence Tech Conference

Sep 16, 2015


On September 16 (Wed), the Digital Times and the MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Korea) jointly hosted the 2015 Bio-Convergence Tech Conference at EL Tower, Seoul. The theme of the conference was “Establishing a new framework for the life sciences industry.”

These days, the use of smart devices for health management and remote treatment via digital hospitals is expanding rapidly, leading futurologists to predict that within 10 years, people will be able to receive professional diagnoses and treatments without having to go to a hospital. Based on this prediction, the biohealth market (e.g., biomedicine and biomedical devices) is receiving increasing attention as the next growth engine of the Korean economy, following on the heels of the IT market. The biohealth market is expected to give rise to new industries and services, featuring combinations of IT, nanotechnology, and communications technology, as well as ultimately solve the problems of disease and energy deficiency and environmental and food supply issues, resulting in fundamental changes in the lifestyles of all people.

At the conference, representatives of the MSIP gave the same presentation on the current status and accomplishments of the “strategy for the future of the biohealth industry” that was given to President Geun-Hye Park earlier this year. The presenters stated that, by 2024, the global biohealth market will have exceeded the market size of Korea’s major export industries?semiconductors, chemical products, and automobiles. As a means of addressing this major shift, the presenters suggested the “new future biohealth industry cultivation strategy,” which would receive ministry-wide support throughout all stages, from technology development to global clinical trials, production, and export. Participating in the conference were numerous experts from prominent research organizations in Korea’s life science industry as well as universities, pharmaceutical companies, and biohealth companies. Discussions were held on various ideas regarding how Korea can gain dominance in the global biohealth market.

Seegene is a molecular diagnostics company whose core corporate value is to contribute to the health of all people. At this conference, Seegene introduced not only its most representative products, including diagnostic tests for HPV and sexually transmitted diseases, but also set up a booth to present various other products that test for pathogens of infectious diseases including respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, and hepatitis.