Seegene Inc

Seegene participates in Bio Korea 2015

Apr 10, 2015


From April 8 to 10, Bio Korea 2015 was held at COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul. Bio Korea is an event for the public that introduces various companies in the bioengineering sector

In its 10th run this year, the event was jointly hosted by North Chungcheong Province and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute. 200 companies from 20 different countries showed at total of over 500 exhibition booths. The content of the booths covered a wide range of bio-industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and bio-convergence.

Seegene was invited to set up a booth at the Technology Cultivation Company Center, where it showcased Korean molecular diagnostic technology alongside the technologies of global companies. Its main item on display was the real-time PCR assays, which is an optimized in vitro diagnostic technology with a high degree of accuracy with shorter testing time. A renovated Seegene’s molecular diagnostic technology allows for more results to be gathered from a single reaction, which in turn makes it possible to provide the most effective patient care that is tailored to an individual’s genetic characteristics.

The concept of molecular diagnostics is still a difficult and unfamiliar one to the general public. However, through Bio Korea 2015, Seegene was able to promote molecular diagnostics as a promising medical industry of the future and a useful technique for diagnosing disease on a genetic level.