Seegene Inc

EUROGIN 2015 International Multidisciplinary Congress

Feb 09, 2015


Seegene participated in the EUROGIN 2015 International Multidisciplinary Congress which was held from February 4 through 7 in Spain.

Over 2,000 participants from not only Europe, but also all over the world gathered at EUROGIN 2015 Congress to hear and discuss a full review of current scientific developments in the field of cervical cancer and human papillomavirus related diseases including a recent advances and updated scientific insights in HPV screening, testing and management. Also, they focused on how to raise and increase the public health profile and the need for responsible health services in this area.
Seegene first participated in EUROGIN in 2013 in Italy, and introduced their acclaimed product AnyplexII HPV28 Detection kit. And in this year, Seegene brought their HPV diagnostic products, Anyplex II HPV28 and Anyplex II HPV HR detection kit to show. They especially grasp the attendees’ attention with promoting free trial of Seegene’s HPV screening assay for EUROGIN participants.
Seegene’s products were mentioned and compared in the seminars and total of three (3) product evaluation papers were presented in both verbal and poster sessions, as it proves its improvements of brand awareness and performance globally.
On the other hand, Seegene is hosting an integrated symposium at the ECCMID 2015 which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from April 25 to 28.

This will take place as part of the official program on April 27, with 5 experts in the field of HPV Diagnostics from Germany, USA, Italy and the Netherland including Dr. Chris Meijer, entitled HPV Genotyping: Challenges for the cervical cancer screening and prevention.

Seegene is expecting this be an opportunity of verifying the clinical utility of Seegene’s HPV products for cervical cancer screening and be a global standard for HPV examinations.