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Presentation of a New Area of HPV Diagnosis

May 30, 2021

At EUROGIN 2021, which took place online from May 30 to June 1, a symposium on Seegene's comprehensive solution related to not only the human papillomavirus (hereinafter "HPV") but also women's vaginal health received highly positive feedback.

Seegene's HPV product line has a history of attracting a great deal of attention at EUROGIN 2019 by sharing cases related to cervical cancer screening and its usefulness. Seegene, which participated as a silver sponsor of EUROGIN 2021, primarily introduced its female diagnostic product lineup that can test various causative viruses related to women's diseases through an online symposium and a virtual booth. In particular, as the importance of testing recently grew not only for HPV high-risk groups but also for low-risk groups in several countries, the advantage of the product (Anyplex™II HPV28 Detection) that can distinguish each of the total of 28 HPV genotypes in addition to HPV 16 and 18 at once that had previously been attracting attention, could be highlighted.

This symposium, which focused on the main subject of “Enhancing Vaginal Care through Molecular Diagnosis: HPV, STIs, and Vaginitis", was moderated by Dr. Hélène Péré by APHP(Assistance Publique–Hôpitaux de Paris). Dr. Ardashel Latsuzbaia, the first presenter, suggested that HPV genotyping distribution is changing depending on the bivalent, tetravalent, or 9-valent vaccine and that continuous full genotyping follow-up is needed by presenting the results of follow-up of HPV genotypes following three types of cervical cancer vaccinations in Luxembourg over 8 years as well as the results tested by Anyplex™ II HPV28 Detection. Prof. Hilmar Wisplinghoff, the next presenter, presented on the results of a simultaneous test using both Seegene’s HPV and STI/BV Assays. Dr. Pedro Baptista from Portugal, the last presenter, emphasized that the molecular diagnostics, accessible to everyone, will greatly help with diagnosing infectious vaginitis and also presented the results evaluated by Allplex™ Vaginigits Screening Assay.

The EUROGIN conference, which is attended by more than 1,300 gynecologists from an average of 75 countries every year, was hosted online this year due to the coronavirus, and is underway to be hosted offline in Dusseldorf, Germany in April next year.