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KRW 3 billion donation to the Community Chest of Korea

Dec 30, 2020

Seegene donated KRW 3 billion to the Community Chest of Korea to aid COVID-19 victims.


The donation was delivered at the Community Chest of Korea Center in Jung-gu, Seoul, on December 30. Seegene's CEO Chun Jong-yoon and CFO Kim Jeong-yong attended the event, along with Chairman of the Community Chest of Korea Jong-seok Ye and Secretary-General Yeon-soon Kim.


Seegene decided to make a donation to help neighbors who are experiencing economic difficulties, including small businesses affected by the re-spread of COVID-19, and to provide medical equipment to dedicated COVID-19 hospitals to help prevent the collapse of the medical assistance system. Seegene also donated KRW 1 billion to the Community Chest of Korea in May to provide medical support to neighbors suffering from COVID-19.


CEO Chun Jong-yoon said, “I have been always thinking about the practice of corporate social responsibility while leading the company for the past 20 years. In particular, this year, all executives and employees did their best, thinking that the quick supply of COVID-19 diagnostic products is a way to practice corporate social responsibility. And all of them joined in the donation to Community Chest of Korea as a social contribution with one mind. I am deeply grateful for it."


Chairman of the Community Chest of Korea Jong-seok said, “I would like to thank Seegene for contributing to the prevention of COVID-19 with an excellent diagnostic kit and donation. We will do our best to support our neighbors suffering from COVID-19 and to maintain the health care system with the donations."


Seegene has contributed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection around the world by rapidly developing and supplying diagnostic kits based on original technology and know-how in the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.