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Participation in the 34th International Papillomavirus Conference (IPVC 2021)

Nov 15, 2021

Seegene, which participated in the 34th International Papillomavirus Conference (hereinafter "IPVC") as a gold sponsor, held an online symposium from November 15 to 19, stressing the need for using genotyping products for primary tests for human papillomavirus (hereinafter "HPV").

In a 90-minute online session on HPV Genotyping Distribution in Target Population, Dr. Daniel Guerendiain from Scotland presented on Anal Cancer and AIN Data Tested with Seegene's AnyplexII HPV28 Assay and Dr. David Hawkes from Australia presented on the HPV-based Cervical Screening in a National Program with Age-based Vaccinated and Non-vaccinated Cohorts. In particular, Dr. Hugo Sousa from Portugal proposed that different clinical approaches should be taken for each HPV genotype based on the distribution of high-risk HPV infection among clinically tested cervical cancer screenings in northern Portugal.

Although the entire session was hosted online this year due to the coronavirus, the Seegene symposium was successfully conducted with 148 people participating from 46 countries and more than 150 people visiting the Seegene booth during the conference. IPVC is hosted in a different continent every 16 months, and 1,259 people from a total of 89 countries participated online this year.