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This is an unprecedented worldwide initiative empowering scientists and experts
for a world free from all diseases

Springer Nature and Seegene
announce strategic alliance

The new alliance will support efforts to commercialize diagnostics expertise &
knowledge in the global scientific community across all fields

Seegene STI & Vaginitis Solutions

Protect your sexual health
with our extensive offering

Open Innovation Program powered by Seegene
Awardees Announced

This initiative marks the beginning of Seegene's endeavor to realize a world free from all diseases.
Join us on the journey as each awardee carries out highly impactful clinical studies in molecular diagnosis.

Seegene Announces Collaboration with Microsoft
to Realize ‘A World Free from All Diseases’

Strategic collaboration will open a new chapter in the field of molecular diagnostics by digitally enhancing SGDDS
with the integration of Microsoft Azure AI solutions and will improve the healthcare ecosystem,
providing the foundation for effective treatment and prevention.

Experience the Advanced
HPV Test Solution

Allplex™ HPV HR Detection
HPV assay for cervical cancer screening

Seegene STARlet-AIOS™

One streamlined automated system
for all high multiplex real-time PCR assays

Unveil the world’s first commercialized
‘3 Ct’ PCR assay

1 tube, 15 targets with individual Ct values

Seegene eDoc
Seegene eDoc is a new web service
that provides documents related to Seegene products.
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Seegene strives to bring healthier
and happier life to everyone by
making Molecular Diagnostics
more accessible in our daily lives.

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