Seegene Inc

New look for Seegene’s official website

May 27, 2019

On the 27th, Seegene launched the 6th updated version of its official website. The company has been partially updating the website and also had added more languages, but it had been 5 years since its website went through a full renovation.

The renewal is designed to simplify various information and provide more visual clarity, thus strengthening user friendly access to various topics and providing step-by-step access to the information needed through simplified menus and more practical explanation. In addition, the user's convenience has been further enhanced as it is built on a responsive web base that is designed to fit the latest trends and can be seen on various devices without any inconvenience.
“It wasn't just a change in appearance, it was a proper reorganization of from the server to the entire structure including the security of the website.” the developer in charge of the renewal said. “Seegene, which offers an official online system with only internal developers, has now become a complete digital system.”

As the company has reached a new season with sales of 100 billion won last year, Seegene has organized a new website with its new commitment for the future. The new website demonstrates the strengths of the company - IT technology and platform - in a more linear way.