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Awarding long-term employee in celebrating 19 years since foundation

Sep 09, 2019

On the Seegene foundation day (September 15), awards were given to long-term employees in the main auditorium of the headquarters. Also, at the branches of the Middle East and Mexico, the identical surprise events were held worldwide.

This year, a total of 8 employees including two board members who worked for 10 consecutive years and 15 consecutive years, respectively, were awarded. They have worked hard for Seegene so that Seegene could have grown without wavering. Also, they have worked hard in business, marketing, manufacturing, research and office business. Furthermore, for awarding their efforts, gold cards whose weight was proportional to their years of working and sabbaticals of one month were presented to them. Meanwhile, at the branches of the Middle East and Mexico, surprise events were held on this foundation day.

Unlike the headquarters, because of many unique national circumstances and various problems, overseas branches often face much more difficult challenges. The employees who have worked hard despite such difficulties were notified that the company always remembered their efforts so that the surprise event touched hearts of employees.

Randy, who was awarded at the Mexico branch, said, while agreeing with the company’s motto, “New biological technology has been sent to Mexico from South Korea. Although Mexico is still a difficult place to receive the Seegene’s high technology, I could feel vaguely while working for Seegene that good technologies could change lives of people. Work is just something that needs to be done, but the more work I do, the healthier Mexican people become. What else can be better than this?”

Seegene is a venture company whose sale has never been decreasing since the foundation. Being awarded as a long-term employee during such a tough growth of the company is very special. On the foundation day every year, their efforts that need to be acknowledged are awarded as the highlight of the ceremony. It has different meaning from the excellent employee’s award ceremony held at the end of the year. At the foundation day ceremony, main employees of the company are introduced, and new employees can sympathize with their valid efforts so that the foundation day ceremony has become “Seegene man/woman event.”

Touching stories with emotion and crying and funny remarks with pleasant laughing were filled on the 19th birthday of Seegene, and Seegene is still growing.