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  • Real-time
  • CE-IVD

Respiratory Panel 1A

Essential screening assay for Flu A, Flu B, RSV A, RSV B, and simultaneous Flu A subtyping

Allplex™ Respiratory Panel 1A is a multiplex one-step real-time RT-PCR assay for essential screening of Flu A/B & RSV A/B with Flu A subtyping simultaneously in a single tube, and it has expanded coverage for avian influenza compared to Allplex™ Respiratory Panel 1. This assay reports the individual Ct values of each analyte in a single channel on real-time PCR instrument within 2.5 hours after extraction and provides more answers per sample than any other method.



Multiple Ct value in a single channel

The result represents co-infection of RSV A and Flu A in FAM channel with Ct values of 26.04 (Graph 1) and 29.46 (Graph 2), respectively. It also simultaneously shows the infection of Flu A-H1 by the result of Flu A subtyping with Ct value of 30.61(Graph 2) in Cal Red 610 channel. Allplex™ Respiratory Panel 1A is able to provide the quantitative information of multiple pathogens by analyzing individual Ct value in Graph 1 and Graph 2.


[1] For use with Seegene NIMBUS & STARlet only