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GI-Parasite Assay

Comprehensive assay for the detection and identification of 6 parasites causing gastrointestinal diseases using real-time PCR

Allplex™ GI-Parasite Assay is a one-step real-time PCR assay that detects and identifies 6 causative parasites in gastrointestinal disease. Based on Seegene’s proprietary MuDT™ technology, this assay reports multiple Ct values of each targets in a single channel using real-time PCR instrument.



Multiple Ct value in a single channel

The result represents the co-infection of B. hominis(BH) G. lamblia(GL) in FAM channel with Ct values of 20.10 (Graph 1) and 31.10 (Graph 2), respectively.


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[1] For use with Seegene NIMBUS & STARlet only