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  • Real-time
  • CE-IVD

GI-Helminth(I) Assay

Simultaneous detection and identification of 9 parasitic gastrointestinal pathogens using real-time PCR

Allplex™ GI-Helminth(I) Assay allows detection of 1 protozoa and 8 helminths which are highly pathogenic parasites. Based on Seegene’s proprietary MuDT™ technology, this assay reports multiple Ct values of each pathogen in a single channel using real-time PCR instrument



Multiple Ct value in a single channel

Multiple Ct value in a single channel The result represents of Co-infection of ST and HY in FAM and HEX channel with Ct value of 40.42 and 42.77. respectively.


- Enteric pathogen infection and consequences for child growth in young Aboriginal Australian children: a cross-sectional study


[1] A. duodenale, A. caninum, A. ceylanicum

[2] A. lumbricoides, A.suum

[3] E.bieneusi, E. cuniculi, E. hellem, E.intestinalis

[4] H. nana, H. diminuta

[5] S. stercoralis, S. fulleborni

[6] T. solium, T. saginata, T.asiatica

[7] For use with Seegene NIMBUS & STARlet only