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Seegene, technology
that protects our everyday
Everyone wishes to keep their everyday protected.
In this brand film, you can find Seegene’s message about molecular diagnosis.

Students should be in school.
Friends should rub shoulders.

‘Protecting our everyday’ means tearing down the barriers of viruses
that separate us from each other, and letting people to get together again.

For all of you,
Seegene’s molecular diagnosis protects your daily lives
that nothing can ever invade or destroy.

Know Seegene
Molecular diagnosis takes a closer look at the cause.
Seegene: Technology that protects our everyday
The optimal solution could be found, by examining the exact cause.

And, it is Seegene’s expertise to pinpoint which viruses caused diseases.

Over the last 20 years, Seegene has developed proprietary technologies under the goal of producing molecular diagnostic products that protect our everyday.

In 2020, Seegene, with 20 years of history, continues its journey of becoming a guardian, protecting daily lives with the finest molecular diagnostic technology.

Seegene produces molecular diagnostics (MDx) products capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously, such as viruses and germs that cause respiratory, sexually transmitted infections and cervical cancer.

Our proprietary technology is capable to detect five or more pathogens in a single test,
allowing accurate and rapid diagnosis.

Experience Seegene
Seegene preparing for the Twindemic:
COVID-19, seasonal influenza A&B, RSV A/B
For the cold season when simple respiratory symptoms can cause fear,
Seegene has launched the diagnostic kit that can test COVID-19, seasonal influenza A&B, and RSV A/B simultaneously.

The prevalence of seasonal influenza A&B, and RSV A/B virus causing pneumonia and bronchiolitis from late fall to winter will be the cause of respiratory infections.
The common symptoms such as fever, cough and sore throats may cause confusion to make the appropriate diagnosis with the spread of COVID-19.

Because seasonal flu patients must be separated from COVID-19 patients,
the rapid and accurate diagnostic test is especially important.

Seegene has been developing unparalleled molecular diagnosis technology for the last 20 years,
and is ready to engage in the war against ‘Twindemic’ using our patents and technologies to accurately identify virus genes.