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New concept of Multiplex Real-time PCR

READ Technology

Seegene's innovative real-time PCR method, READ (Real Amplicon Detection), is a powerful technology that overcomes the limitations of conventional real-time PCR. READ (Real Amplicon Detection) is totally different from current probe- (TaqMan, Molecular Beacon, etc.) and primer-based (Scorpion, LUX, Sunrise, etc.) real-time PCR methods, and opens new opportunities for highly effective pathogen detection. READ (Real Amplicon Detection) PCR provides dramatic improvement in sensitivity and specificity when combined with Seegene's proprietary DPO™ technology (Dual Priming Oligonucleotide).

Clear Results

Magicplex system helps false-positive problem because clear reading result below 10 Ct, and no detection of aerosolized PCR product contamination.

A. Conventional real-time PCR

B. Magicplex™ System

Efficiency of real-time PCR equipment

Magicplex™ System offers the results of 4 tests within 2 hours with just one Real-time PCR machine

A. Conventional real-time PCR

B. Magicplex™ System

No noise signal

Noise signals frequently appear in conventional Real-time PCR (caused by repeat tests or false positives) do not exist in Magicplex™ System, hence fundamentally eliminating the repeat tests and false positive results

A. Conventional real-time PCR

B. Magicplex™ System

No PCR inhibition

Presence of inhibitors disturbs amplification of Nucleic acid which causes retesting however, Magicplex™ System decreases unnecessary retesting caused by inhibitors by amplifying internal control and target genes.

A. Conventional real-time PCR (1~5 Culture Samples)

B. Magicplex™ System (3 Culture Samples)

Highest sensitivity

Magicplex system is effective with tests which require high sensitivity