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Seegene Develops Highly Multiplexed Quantitative Real-Time PCR Chemistry, HPV Genotyping Assay


May 31, 2012

Seegene aims to wake up the market to routine highly multiplexed MoDx testing

Seegene’s new “multiplex quantification” chemistry enables real-time PCR-based detection and quantification of up to 20 analytes from a single sample and in a single tube using existing multiplex-enabled thermal cyclers. According the a story in GenomeWeb:

In addition, Seegene is using the technology to develop a highly multiplexed, two-tube assay to simultaneously detect, differentiate, and quantify 19 high-risk and nine low-risk human papillomavirus genotypes.

“This is a totally new approach [that] we discovered … a few months ago,” Jong-Yoon Chun, founder, CTO, and CEO of Seegene, told PCR Insider this week. “We have never introduced this technology before, or even disclosed it to other companies. As far as I know, multiplex quantification based on real-time PCR has not been introduced previously [in general].”

Indeed, the multiplexing limit of current commercial quantitative real-time PCR assays is around five or six targets due to spectral overlap of fluorescent probes.

Seegene aims to move this technology, as well as its TOCE system, to market through all forms of partnering and collaborations. According to Dr. Chun, it is only with new MoDx technology and tests that clinicians will be able to make more informed healthcare decisions, faster and at a lower cost. These types of tests will cause a paradigm shift in molecular diagnostics, a shift to well-conceived tests that can be utilized in a preemptive or proactive manner:

“Why are people not applying molecular diagnostics? Because the systems are not available, or are very expensive,” Chun said. “We are looking to make it so people can apply it on a routine basis. I call this a sleeping market. In order to wake it up, it’s better to share our technology than to develop it alone.”