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Interview: Importance of HPV Testing and Genotyping in Cervical Cancer Prevention

May 02, 2023

Seegene, a leading PCR-based molecular diagnostic company, conducted an email interview with Dr. Mohd Azizuddin bin Mohd Yussof to gain insights into cervical cancer prevention in Malaysia.

Cervical cancer is the ninth most common cancer among Malaysians and the third most common cancer among Malaysian women. At least 1,740 Malaysian women are diagnosed with cervical cancer, which causes about 991 deaths yearly.

Dr. Aziz Yussof described the difference between the Pap smear test and the HPV DNA test. And he also emphasized that the HPV DNA test can accurately distinguish the genotypes of HPV-infected patients, which improves the awareness of the risk of cervical cancer and enable appropriate treatment to reduce the burden caused by cervical cancer.

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