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HSV2 ACE Detection

Detection and differentiation of HSV1 and HSV2

Seeplex® HSV2 ACE Detection detects and differentiates 2 Herpes simplex viruses, HSV1 and HSV2 that causes minor skin lesions to fatal diseases such as encephalitis. Because different treatments are needed depending on infected virus types, type-specific identification of HSV causing the infection is required. Based on DPO™ Technology, this assay enables differentiate 2 types of HSV with high sensitivity and specificity.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multiplex PCR

    Differentiation of HSV1 and HSV2 with a single reaction

  • Powerful performance with unique technology

    Multiplex PCR with high sensitivity and specificity by utilization of DPO™ technologies

  • Informative assay

    Assistant of appropriate treatment and management for co-infection

  • Validated process control

    Accurate system for result interpretation included Internal Control

  • Reduction Contamination risk

    A single round PCR process and 8-MOP reduces the carryover contamination risk

  • Analytes

    HSV2 ACE Detection

    • Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1)
    • Herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV2)
    • Internal Control (IC)
  • Specimens

    • Genital swab
    • Urine
    • Liquid based cytology (e.g., ThinPrep® and Surepath™)
  • Ordering Information

    Cat No. / Size
    Seeplex® HSV2 ACE Detection
    HS6200Y / 50 rxns


1HSV 1, HSV 2
2HSV 1
4HSV 2
5HSV 1
6HSV 1, HSV 2
7HSV 1

1~7 : clinical samples
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