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Bacterial Vaginosis Assay

Simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of 7 bacteria associated with vaginosis using Real-time PCR assay

Allplex™ Bacterial Vaginosis Assay is a multiplex Real-time PCR assay to simultaneously detect 7 bacteria associated with vaginosis including the quantitative information of 3 major bacteria and the qualitative information of 4 bacteria associated with vaginosis. Based on Seegene’s proprietary MuDT™ technology, this assay detects and identifies multiple target pathogens in a single reaction, and reports individual Ct value of multiple pathogens in a single channel.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multiplex real-time PCR

    Simultaneous detection of 7 bacteria associated with vaginosis

  • Quantitative information

    Providing quantitative information for 3 major bacteria associated with vaginosis

  • Informative assay

    Assistant of appropriate treatment and management for co-infection

  • Whole process validation

    Whole process validation from extraction to PCR by whole process control

  • UDG system

    Utilization of the UDG system to prevent carry-over contamination

  • User-friendly workflow

    Convenient workflow using Seegene’s automated one platform

  • Proper patient care

    Accurate test results allow to quick and proper treatment

  • Multi-Ct in a single channel

    Individual Ct value of multiple analytes in a single channel of real-time PCR instrument (MuDT™ Technology)

  • Automatic data analyzer

    Automated data interpretation and LIS interlocking with Seegene Viewer

  • Powerful performance with unique technology

    Multiplex real-time PCR with high sensitivity and specificity by utilization of DPO™ and TOCE™ technologies

  • Analytes

    Bacterial Vaginosis Assay

    • Atopobium vaginae (Quantitative) (AV)
    • Bacterial vaginosis–associated bacteria 2 (BVAB2)
    • Bacteroides fragilis (BF)
    • Gardnerella vaginalis (Quantitative) (GV)
    • Lactobacillus spp.[1] (Quantitative) (Lacto)
    • Megasphaera Type 1 (Mega1)
    • Mobiluncus spp.[2] (Mob)
    • Internal Control (IC)
  • Specimens

    • Genital swab
    • Liquid based cytology (e.g., ThinPrep® and Surepath™)
  • Ordering Information

    Cat No. / Size
    Allplex™ Bacterial Vaginosis Assay
    SD9804X / 100 rxns [3]


Multiple Ct value in a single channel

The result represents the co-infection of GV, AV and Mega1 in FAM, HEX and Cal Red 610 channel. In addition it provides Ct values of 18.02 (Graph 1) and Qt values of 5.43, 4.22 (Graph 2), respectively.

Ct: Cycle Threshold, Qt: Quantitative Threshold (log10)


[1] Lactobacillus crispatus, Lactobacillus gasseri and Lactobacillus jensenii

[2] Mobiluncus mulieris, Mobiluncus curtisii

[3] For use with Seegene NIMBUS & STARlet only