What is Molecular Diagnostics?

Story of molecular diagnosis

What is Molecular Diagnostics? A diagnostic tool for accurate diagnosis of diseases using genetic materials

Molecular diagnostics is a diagnostic technique to examine DNA or RNA, which contains genetic information of infectious bacteria or virus to assess the presence or absence of pathogens associated with diseases from human-derived samples such as blood, urine, and stool.

This is the first time I have heard about Molecular Diagnostics! Molecular Diagnostics is already being widely used.

In 2009, worldwide surveillance was conducted due to the outbreak of pandemic H1N1 flu. The PCR method was used as a confirmatory testing at the time. It is an example of molecular diagnostics.

What are clinical applications of Seegene’s Molecular Diagnostic Products?

What are the benefits of Molecular Diagnostics?

Molecular diagnostic is a diagnostic method that uses genetic materials to detect viral and bacterial infections. It is very effective to make the diagnosis of infectious diseases, because of fast, accurate and customized results. It also guides the best treatment method for patient management, even for complicated diagnosis such as identifying drug resistant or mutant genes.

Why seegene's Molecular Diagnostic Products are the best?

1.Seegene’s innovative molecular diagnostic products enable to detect multiple pathogen infections simultaneously and accurately.

You can test several pathogens related to a certain diseases at the same time.
Seegene’s patented molecular diagnostic products can analyzes target gene, specific to each pathogen.

2.Seegene's molecular diagnostic products provide comprehensive useful information from a single test.

When you are infected with virus or bacteria, Seegene’s diagnostic
products not only tell you your infection status, but also provide
the quantitative (titer level) information of the pathogens in three
levels - low, intermediate, high. This additional information is
particularly useful for follow-up management such as forecasting
or monitoring the progress of the disease or treatment.

Where can I get tested?

Seegene's molecular diagnostic products are available in
many hospitals & reference laboratories in worldwide.
Please ask your doctor about how you can get tested.

* What is PCR?
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), developed in 1985, is a diagnostic method used for almost all diagnostic processes involving genetic materials. Since the specific part of a gene you want to analyze is amplified across several orders of magnitude per reaction, even an extremely small amount is enough to obtain an accurate result.

Real-time PCR is commonly used nowadays, which is used to simultaneously amplify and detect or quantify a targeted DNA molecule using fluorescent dyes.

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